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Distance Team Building

Is your team working remotely? Why not run one of our remote team building solutions?

Even though current circumstances may require isolation and remote working for many teams, some meaningful team engagement can still be undertaken.

Clients have engaged us previously to work with their remote or virtual teams using technology such as Webex or Zoom to run remote team building sessions.

Not only can teams be engaged, but the tools we use from the Belbin Model such as evidence-based personal profiles and team reports leave a lasting legacy of ongoing understanding and value with the teams.

We can even inject some simple activity content that people can use to engage with one-another in tandem with the session.

Such sessions can be facilitated by us, or we can easily get your own internal managers and facilitators up to speed to deliver these themselves with some simple guidance and instruction from us.

To learn more visit this section of our site, or better still call us on 1300 731 381 or email


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