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‘CSI - Death of a Diva’ turns crime scene investigation into a fun team building activity

As a client in Hobart Tasmania has recently reminded us, our 'CSI – The Death of a Diva' activity is not only a load of fun, but it’s also a cracking team challenge task.

Each team becomes an investigative unit setting out to solve the dastardly murder of a gregarious cabaret entertainer from a seedy local nightclub scene.

The evidence that will be gathered and scientifically tested from the crime scene will see teams delve into ballistics, serology, profiling and other useful tools at the hands of crime scene investigators.

Good teamwork, communication and collaboration will enable teams to recreate scenes, analyse evidence and eventually make their case for not only ‘who dunnit’, but being able to also prove in court an evidence-based case for who, what, when and where and importantly also why.

Not only is this a colourful and engaging event, but it also provides fertile ground for genuine problem-solving and the deployment of quality team dynamics to achieve some complex aims within a tight deadline.


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