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Cost effective ‘Do It Yourself’ solutions for individual, team and leadership development

Many learning and development providers are under pressure to achieve more with less, and in reduced timeframes.

Whether it be smaller budgets in some sectors and / or demands to decrease usual delivery times, trainers and managers are seeking approaches that offer both value for money and more rapid impact.

This is where Belbin can genuinely help relieve the pressure by providing high quality tools that L&D professionals, trainers and managers can deploy themselves.

Belbin has put years of development into the back end of the system so as to strip away the many redundant layers of complexity found in many other tools for the end user. This makes a Belbin profile easier to approach, understand and work with whilst losing none of its accuracy and robustness.

The potent trilogy of being cost effective, fast and impactful is a rare thing.

COST EFFECTIVE: Price range from $20 - $83 per profile (based on qty)

FAST: Completed online in 15 – 20 minutes, Observer feedback 5 – 10 minutes. Speed of execution does not undermine the quality of output, as Belbin’s research has distilled the process to achieve exponentially greater insight than one would think for a short test.

SOLID RESULTS: Evidence based reports and personalised advice for behavioural strength, weakness and practical development strategies. High quality output anchored in over 30 years of research and global use across all fields and industries.

We also have many free guides, handouts and workbooks that enable people to work through and interpret reports themselves or in teams.

Whilst it is optimal for experienced and accredited facilitators to work with the model at depth, it can also be done internally ‘DIY’ for many programmes. We can help you either way.

Three simple steps to run your own high quality and high impact sessions and workshops:

1. Set up an online Belbin working account.

2. Access our many free resources online.

3. Plan and run your workshops and follow-through.

We are always at hand to offer experienced Belbin facilitators to do everything from simply offer advice over the phone, or to be engaged to help deliver and de-brief for you or alongside you.


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