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Charity team building for the homeless with ‘Street Survivor’

Team building for a homeless charity with a ‘Street Survivor’ event leaves lasting legacies from meetings and off-sites.

Recent client events that have used our ‘Street Survivor’ concept have left a lasting legacy from their events with donations of Back Pack Beds for the homeless.

This hard-working charity is under unprecedented demand for their services with more people than ever being pushed into homelessness, and especially into rough sleeping situations where these back pack beds can make a huge difference.

On a recent event at Sanctuary Cove 70 participants went through our classic Street Survivor formula. Teams initially think that they are undertaking just the parody of the reality TV format with a wide variety of tailored team challenges. Gradually it becomes apparent that they are in fact accumulating some special care packs and resources for folks other than themselves, and then the big reveal at Tribal Council that there’s more to this event than meets the eye.

Thanks to these clients many people forced to sleep rough will not enjoy a little more comfort, safety and dignity.


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