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Belbin's latest system is here. Set up a free Belbin 8 portal for a look.

Belbin Australia

Belbin Interplace 8 is the latest Belbin online system. Set up a free Belbin 8 portal for a look at the new interface and just have us load in units / credits as you need them - REGISTER HERE

Sabre is proud to be Sole Australian Distributor for Belbin. We are excited to announce that we have recently launched our new Belbin Interplace Version 8 and it is now ready to go for any clients wishing to use it.

You can start using it straight away, or just have a look around the new interface, feel free to REGISTER HERE and you can set up your personal page for units / credits to be added in as and when you wish.

Some important points to keep in mind:

Interplace 7 will continue to function until 2025, so you can keep using it as you have been.

Interplace 7 and 8 data cannot interchange. What does that mean in practice? It means we cannot use profiles from systems 7 and 8 to create reports or move 7 data into 8.

Because of this, new clients will be suited to 8 whenever you want to make the leap, but existing client teams may need to keep working in 7 until that work is completed with them.

You choose when you wish to start using 8.

Interplace 8 also uses non-gendered language in its reports.

There are new look reports and updated icons for SH, ME and SP but use of the old icons is no problem.

New slide decks and handouts will soon be available for general and accredited level users. Use of the existing ones is no problem.

We are delighted to be launching Interplace 8 and will be available to help you with the transition.

CONTACT US AT: T - 1300 731 381 E -

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reines esthetiques
reines esthetiques
May 31, 2023
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