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Belbin GetSet Profiles and Leadership Development for Student Junior Council Leaders

Sabre and Belbin have profiles and reports that are designed specifically for high school, vocational and university students.

We have recently had the privilege of working with 120 student leaders from 30 different schools as part of the Gold Coast Junior Council initiative. During our session we taught students about the value of understanding their behavioural strengths and weaknesses, and how to better deploy them at school and in future study or work.

The City of Gold Coast make a marvellous contribution each year to giving youth a voice and also developing junior leadership capability by forming the Junior Council. This body of students does far more than just have meetings, the coordinators of this programme put together a wonderful series of speakers, experiences and forums to actually develop lasting capability.

It is a pleasure to make a small contribution to a great youth development programme such as this.

A GetSet profile gives students an edge by helping them to better understand and articulate their behavioural preferences, strengths and weaknesses.

The accompanying workbook can also help guide the student towards identifying areas for development, how to project their strengths in the real world and how to better handle interviews and compose a CV.

The GetSet profiles and sessions can also be used for general student leadership development and also team building.

To see more check out the GetSet website:


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