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Belbin and Movie Making in the Adelaide Hills

Belbin and movie making for team building in the Adelaide Hills

Many clients like to combine the powerful insights from their Belbin reports with a tailored experiential team challenge to bring the learning to life, in this case Belbin and movie making.

We have just completed a top team retreat at the beautiful Mt Lofty House in the Adelaide Hills for a client that we have worked with regularly with for over 8 years now. Belbin and Movie-Making proved a great combo.

Belbin reports were explained and de-briefed during interactive facilitated team sessions that also linked insights from individual and team reports to real-world strategies and projects.

This was followed up with one of our team movie-making challenges tailored to draw out not just team behaviours, but also to express key company themes and strategies in a memorable way.

The team challenge thus serves not only an engaging real-time time project, but also as a fun ‘Trojan Horse’ for some key retreat themes and strategies to be creatively showcased.

The blend of Belbin profiles with high-end professionally facilitated experiential learning is a powerful combination.

The venue, Mt Lofty House in the Adelaide Hills, also served to provide a lovely backdrop with its amazing grounds and impressive 5 Star facilities. The combination of Belbin, a quality team activity and a great venue is a trilogy that’s hard to top.

To find out more about how we combine Belbin and Experiential learning for great results contact us:

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