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‘Around The World In 80 Minutes’ at Coffs Harbour

A great opportunity to use a team building event to travel the world.

Some client teams recently got to travel the world, and all within the beautiful grounds of the Opal Cove Resort at Coffs Harbour.

Our concept ‘Around The World In 80 Minutes’ is a great one for conference groups wanting to get out and about with a truly international theme. Each team needs to unlock their travel packs and earn their visas before planning a journey across the continents. At each continent there are various country themed challenges with points proportional to their level of difficulty.

Teams are also on the clock with execution time measured for each challenge task so that the winning teams will be those who have both high points and efficient use of time and travel.

The multi-national and multi-cultural aspects of this event have great appeal, and it can also be tailored to include a wide range of team challenge tasks that span from pure fun to quite substantial team projects.

The event can make use of hotel / resort meeting space and grounds to set up the various themed regions and tasks to suit what is available. This most recent one at Coffs Harbour’s Opal Cove Resort made use of some great areas with forest and ocean backdrops.

To find out more email us at or call us at 1300 731 381


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