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Arbonne show off their team spirit on the Gold Coast

Team building by Sabre at Sanctuary Cove Gold Coast
Team building on the Gold Coast by Sabre

A vibrant and energetic set of teams from Arbonne have recently staged a conference on the Gold Coast and incorporated one of Sabre’s most popular summer team builds.

Having done other styles in previous years with this team, it was decided this year to make optimal use of some Gold Coast weather and the picturesque lagoon at Sanctuary Cove with our Kon Tiki boat build.

This challenge requires teams to work cross-functionally as they turn naval boat building blueprints and some rather unusual building materials into very seas-worthy vessels. With several inbuilt ‘variations’ and surprises the activity also requires teams to think on their feet.

Diverse thinking and team role behaviours also emerge as the task unfolds, illustrating the value of different ways of contributing to teamwork and decision-making. In fact, we will often use Belbin individual behavioural profiles to illustrate this point with more depth on some occasions.

The experience gives teams a wonderful opportunity to build morale, and also show off what their people are capable of when they work together, and these guys certainly did that with energy and flair.

This great activity can work brilliantly anywhere there is room to build, and safe water to race the boats upon.

Team building by Sabre with a great boat building challenge
Sabre's Kon Tiki boat building activity


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