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The Kon Tiki Boat Team Building Challenge

The Gold Coast recently provided a beautiful sunny Spring afternoon for one of our famous Kon Tiki boat building challenges.

As the warmer months arrive, water-based activities such as this grow in popularity, especially for our Gold and Sunshine Coast bound clients, where many great locations are at hand.

Far from being just another cliched school camp style raft build, The Kon Tiki Challenge is a sophisticated cross-functional project requiring a sub-teams to build and then eventually construct complex components from blue prints.

Communication and effective teamwork are essential to enable the team to take some unusual starting resources and then turn them into a seaworthy vessel. In fact, many teams may think it’s an impossible task, but with the proper drive and application teams are genuinely delighted and quite proud of what they can build.

Many themes have also been used to frame this challenge over the years such as Pirates, Polynesian legends, Military and even Olympic sailing.

The event can also be topped and tailed with additional elements such as Team Role Profiling and targeted de-briefs that link lessons learned to workplace outcomes. Alternatively, it can be just for fun.

We are also quite proud of the fact that this great team building event concept is also run in numerous overseas markets by our international partners.

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