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Belbin Team Role Model Accreditation

Sabre is proud to be the Sole Distributor for Australia of the Belbin Team Role Model.

Belbin is the ‘Gold Standard’ for team and leadership profiling and is a ‘behavioural’ profile and NOT a ‘personality’ profile. Many of the latter have recently been described as ‘corporate astrology’ by several business media outlets for lacking pragmatism, robust evidence-based R&D and validity.

The research, development, norming and real-world impacts of Belbin now span over three decades across corporate, government, defence, NGO, education and sports clients.

Measuring workplace behaviour and its impacts offers more than just seeking to define personality, as observed behaviour addresses what’s actually happening in working relationships and teams.

This enables Belbin users to actually adapt and work with people and teams to help achieve real outcomes and enhanced performance day to day.

Anyone can buy Belbin profiles from our Belbin Australia website, and whilst formal Accreditation is not mandatory to use Belbin, it is certainly highly recommended for depth of knowledge and credibility when using the profiles and reports with people and teams.

We regularly run scheduled two-day Accreditation courses around Australia, and year-round at head office on the Gold Coast.

Recent Accreditations have seen us train and accredit new and previous users from corporate, government, defence and education in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

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