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Amazing Race Team Building by Sabre

The longevity of appeal for this reality TV inspired team building option seems to continue for some clients, whilst others have definitely succumbed to ‘Race overload’.

The Amazing Race created many team building parodies very shortly after it hit the small screens, but for the most part has now been somewhat over-exposed to corporate and government audiences as an easy ‘go to’ option for a team build.

The popularity of the concept seems to reside only with those relatively new to team building, or those who have not done a great deal of it before. For many seasoned conference and off-site goers the phrase ‘please not another Race’ seems to be slotted in early to the planning process.

For those new to the approach though, a well-tailored Amazing Race can be a fun way to get out and about in a destination, but it generally does rely upon that destination having a suitable variety of safe and appealing locations for checkpoints and travel routes.

The style of activities injected into one of these can vary from simplistic games and parodies of the reality TV show challenges, to quite sophisticated team and leadership development tasks depending upon your specific aims and objectives.

We have recently designed and delivered Amazing Races in locations as diverse as Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Melbourne, Cairns, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Sydney and Byron Bay.

Group sizes have recently varied from as small as 8 to as large as 350.

If your team have not been subjected to an overload of this style of event, then let us design a great version for your next conference.

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