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A Canberra Amazing Race for some team building fun

Team Building by Sabre in Canberra

Our most recent delivery of this team building event format was for a client in the nation’s capital Canberra.

A complex course of checkpoints was set that took in some of Canberra’s best-known landmarks and icons, as well as a few out of the way and harder to find checkpoints.

The beauty of a Sabre version of the Amazing Race is that we can inject challenges and tasks from over 30 years of operation, and so can match team building tasks to genuinely suit client aims and objectives.

Whilst this format has its limitations (amongst which are its physicality, susceptibility to bad weather and fact it has been somewhat overdone as a format) they can still be nicely tailored for the right group with the right aims.

Amazing Race team building by Sabre

Team building in Canberra by Sabre

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