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Around the World In 80 Minutes – Byron Bay Edition

Byron Bay can be a great place to deliver a team building activity with its sun, sand, alternative vibes and celebrities.

We have recently had the opportunity to deliver another of our ‘Around the World in 80 Minutes’ concepts at the Byron at Byron for an international client.

This approach as a wonderful international and multi-cultural feel to it, with myriad activity stations themed on countries, continents and their colour and customs.

The format can be injected with a wide range of challenge tasks from those that are at the purely fun and engaging end of the spectrum, to more complex team development simulations.

As teams travel the world to make optimal use of their allotted contact time, they will experience a wide range of tasks that require different thinking and behavioural styles.

Thus the message of diversity is playfully addressed in both theme and also the unfolding team dynamics.

Over the years we have delivered many events in and around Byron Bay, and have incorporated a range of locations including the hinterland and smaller regional towns.

If you are contemplating an off-site in Byron Bay, feel free to contact us for some ideas that can be delivered either on-site at your meeting venue, or out and about in the region.

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