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Nationwide rollout of Belbin training for clients

As the sole Australian Distributor for the Belbin Model, Sabre delivers training, rollouts and accreditation to clients nationwide.

We have recently delivered a face to face nationwide rollout of Belbin profiles, training and feedback to one of Australia’s largest and most successful companies for their WA, SA, VIC, TAS, NSW, ACT, QLD and NT teams.

Such large-scale rollouts are a very cost-effective way of embedding a common language and experience for developing teams and leaders.

The user-friendly and robust nature of the Belbin Model makes it ideal as a tool that can be readily launched, explained and used to enhance understanding and business performance from the C Suite to frontline office and admin staff.

The capability Belbin Australia offers can range from simple and easy to manage online purchases and “Do It Yourself” application of profiles and reports, to quite highly tailored and sophisticated launches via our ‘All You Need’ packages.

For a small consultancy or HR team working via simple online working accounts themselves can do the trick. Formal accreditation in Belbin, whilst recommended, is not actually mandatory to use Belbin profiles and resources.

For larger organisations or training firms a large-scale rollout of Belbin incorporating full Belbin systems, training, accreditation and many quality training resources can be an ideal solution to embed Belbin rapidly, efficiently and at depth.

So for everything from a quick online purchase of one individual Belbin profile, to the rollout and delivery of Belbin as tool for 1000’s nationwide, we can deliver for you.

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