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Painting, cross-functional working, teamwork and fun in Canberra

Team Building in Canberra by Sabre with Picture Perfect challenge

Our most recent adventures into the genre of art was for a client in sunny Canberra.

Our ‘Picture Perfect’ team building / team challenge activity continues to a very popular activity format for engaging teams in a fun and memorable way.

It also serves as a meaningful learning experience that can be effectively linked to real-world lessons for cross-function al communication, team roles and project management.

The challenge itself requires no artistic skill whatsoever, as we carefully design the construct of the challenge and the nature of completed works to be far more about team process and communication than literal technique.

The end results are spectacular and serve as a lasting reminder of what a team can do when they share information and communication between people and functions. The smallest we have ever done was for 5 people, and the largest (so far) 1500.

This is a great activity that can be scaled for the group size and the desired outcomes, with images also tailored if required to incorporate your own branding, values and messages. Unlike many other team building activities, the take-away item team image is a very nice touch and adds lasting value to the activity.

These artworks now grace office walls world-wide as colourful reminders for those who produced them.

Art Team Building in Canberra by Sabre

Team Building in Canberra by Sabre

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