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Kon Tiki boat building beats the heatwave at Noosa for Getinge

Fun and adventure on the beautiful waters of Noosa

For 150 of the great folks from Getinge, a 37 degree QLD summer heatwave wasn’t going to stand in the way of them having fun.

Luckily the event format selected was our Kon Tiki boat building challenge that enabled the design and construction phases to be done in the breezy shade, and then for the crews to enjoy the blue waters of sunny Noosa.

It was also an opportunity for a healthy bit of competition between the States and Countries of this successful multi-national group.

The Kon Tiki challenge is a great team building activity, and is far more sophisticated than the stereotypical raft or boat build. A tailored introduction and briefing format is delivered before teams make optimal use of blueprints and building materials to design sturdy and very seaworthy vessels.

Race heats or more complex tasks then enable teams to put boats and crews through their aquatic paces.

This team building activity format can be delivered purely at the fun and competitive end of the spectrum, or modified and upgraded to include more complex tasking or top be preceded by individual and team behavioural profiles to enhance follow-through impact back at work.

For the good people of Getinge, the heat and humidity certainly did not sap their energy, morale or competitive spirit. They conducted successful builds in near record times across the board, developed race strategy and took to the waters for vigorously contested race heats.

The competitive spirit between states and countries built towards a climactic race final that would rival an Americas Cup race.

Much to the delight of the southerners, it was a NSW team that prevailed due to some well-constructed boats and a very clever all female crew that planned their final race well and were first home.

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