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'Mission Possible' Team Building Event

Mission Possible Team Building is a little bit like an Amazing Race blended with a moving Puzzle Room

Inspired by the old-school 60’s spy genre, our Mission Possible team building event concept is loads of fun.

A surprise Sabre Secret Agent raid disrupts the client meeting and recruits them for a specially tailored team mission. The mission can be focused upon pure fun and classic spy style challenges, or the rescue and recovery of a company VIP / products or built around company values and key learning outcomes.

We have a range of cool spy games, puzzles and encoding and de-coding devices for teams to apply their problem-solving skills and cunning. The better the team applies their collective IQ and teaming skills, the faster they will overcome all obstacles, move between checkpoints and ultimately reach their final mission objective.

The out and about aspects of the event give it that “Amazing Race’ style exploration of an area, but with smarter challenges and more style. It also has the feel of an “Escape Room” but the team is not trapped in one location. So it has some great ingredients to help please everyone really.

Our Mission Possible formats have been tailored for CBD areas as well as Hotel and Resort venues depending upon the clients aims and also the required duration.

These can also be given a ‘Team DNA Upgrade’ to deliver lasting post-event value and follow-through with Belbin team profiles and tailored workshop sessions linked to business performance.

If you’d like to explore one of our Mission Possible options for your next off-site or conference, let us know what you’d like to achieve, what sort of activities your team are into and we can tailor one to suit your needs.

We enjoy running these activities, as they combine the best features of several team building event styles with the good old-fashioned fun and adventure of the spy genre.

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