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Team building for charity and CSR outcomes

Team Building options aplenty for some nice Charity / CSR outcomes

In recent years there has certainly been an increase in demand for team building approaches that can link to a charity or community outcome.

The stereotypical approach has been ‘bike building’ but there are only so many kid’s bikes that a charity may require, so more diverse approaches need to be considered.

With the proper format team building events can leave a truly lasting legacy for not only the participants, but also for many worthy community and charity causes, and even the prizes you pick for a standard team build can be of great use.

Sabre often uses gift packages from World Vision’s ‘Smiles” programme that provide a range of items or vital services to those in need such as Chickens, Goats, Education packs, Mosquito Netting, Water Purification etc.

These simple and easy to provide gestures can make a big difference in the lives of others across the globe from any team building event you book with us.

Our ‘Team Toy Story’ approach is also a popular one with teams undertaking diverse team challenge tasks to earn a budget for a big toy auction with toys sent by the team to a range of worthy kid’s charities.

As for more ‘hands-on’ at the charity options, well that’s a tricky one. If a client is willing to engage in a lasting and ongoing relationship with a charity these can be tremendous, but if it’s a one-off for a conference, the time and effort it takes for a short-staffed charity to plan for and induct a group can well outweigh the benefits to them.

If you are seeking a meaningful charity / CSR team building experience we’ll be delighted to discuss how we can tailor and adapt an approach to suit your aims and the right charity or community group.

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