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Team DNA Upgrades for team building sessions

Get maximum value from your investment in team building

We all know that good team building can be a lot of fun, but does any truly lasting value survive the first few days back at work?

Regrettably old patterns of behaviour quickly return under day to day pressures, and can wipe away the ‘feel good’ vibes of a one–off team build. Perhaps any actual benefits gained are also not properly understood or capitalised upon after the return to work?

Our ‘Team DNA’ approach enables a standard team building session to be powerfully upgraded by using Belbin Team Role Profiles and a tailored interactive presentation. The aim is to provide not just fun and bonding, but deeper understanding of what makes the team tick.

The Belbin profiles offer pragmatic and powerful insights into individual strengths and operating styles within teams. Easily completed online, the profiles are printed and brought to the session for explanation and de-briefing. The presentation is highly engaging and matches cutting edge teaming insights and research to your business performance.

Using the Team DNA format and individual profiles as a prelude to a team building session generates evidence based insights into individual and team strengths and weaknesses. This enables genuine links to be made to real world, and lasting take-away value to enhance performance back at work.

The chosen team building activity has far greater meaning when people use it not only as a fun and interactive bonding experience, but also to better understand the behavioural contributions they and others make to team success.

Each person walks away with a comprehensive individual profile complete with easy to use and understand reports on their preferences at work. It also offers pragmatic and useful team role advice. We can also generate “Team Reports” on the chemistry of the total team and any smaller sub teams.

People can better understand themselves and others, and managers and leaders can be powerfully enabled to better manage their own people though understanding their natural styles and preferences at work.

We have all been to loads of team building sessions, but it is a rare formula that can offer us ongoing and tangible follow-through value back at work.

Team DNA matched with your team building experiences can do just this.

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