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Team and Leadership DNA for Ungerboeck Software International

Team and Leadership DNA session for Ungerboeck Software International

Once again Sabre has been afforded the privilege of working with the smart and highly capable teams from Ungerboeck Software International using our Team DNA formula.

The advantage of staging multiple Team / Leadership DNA programmes and targeted follow up sessions like this, is that new team members can be effectively integrated using the evidence-based Belbin profiles, and the natural team development process can also be accelerated.

It demonstrates a genuine commitment from any organisation to the ongoing engagement, morale and well-being of their people at work. Often it’s tempting to stage one-off programmes, but there is far more to be gained by ensuring follow-through exposure that ensures maximum value is derived back at work.

Team and Leadership DNA programmes are amongst Sabre’s highest-level packages for genuine team and leadership development. These highly tailored approaches offer lasting take-away value and impact.

A combination of individual and team Belbin profiles and reports with interactive facilitated sessions and hand-picked team building challenges brings theory to life.

Each of these elements stand-alone has great merit, but when carefully combined to target real business issues and performance, it offers a powerful approach to team and leadership development.

Such approaches go way beyond simple team building games at an off-site, they deliver genuine insights and lessons learned that can be immediately transferred to real world workplace teams.

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