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Art as team building in Hobart Tasmania

Art as team building in Hobart Tasmania by Sabre

With festivals like Dark Mofo on the rise in Tasmania, it is becoming known as quite the hub for art and fashion.

On this basis we are seeing a lot of interest in Sabre’s art and fashion based team building approaches such as the recent Picture Perfect we delivered for E3 Advisory engineers at the Hobart Function and Conference Centre.

Beautiful views of the pier, Derwent River and Salamanca Markets offered a great backdrop for a cross-functional team building challenge that uses art as its medium, but that does not actually require you to be a genuine Picasso to get the job done.

As a team building medium, art can usually be a little simplistic and unstructured, but our Picture Perfect activity is carefully designed to require a sophisticated level of collaboration and communication to actually complete a complex project.

We also have numerous other fashion and art themed team building experiences that suit the growing alternative ambiance of Hobart Tasmania.

Our event managers certainly have a lot of fun delivering events in Hobart, and we look forward to being of service for your next Tasmanian conference or meeting.

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