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Movie Making and Belbin for Nufarm at Lorne

A great deal of fun and some insightful learning was blended for the great folks at Nufarm.

We were fortunate enough to deploy both our Agency event format and some Belbin profiling at a recent national and international conference held at Lorne.

Our movie making approaches are a wonderful medium for enabling people to bond, network, explore team dynamics and have a laugh. They are also great for incorporating key business messages and themes in a fun and memorable format. Beyond the costumes, wigs, make-up and skill workshops always sits the potential for creatively summarising conference content and desired take-away actions.

The next day we followed up the fun experiential content with some individual Belbin behavioural profiles and a targeted ‘Team DNA’ workshop.

This format enables us to help clients blend sophisticated and evidence-based profiling and learning, with fun conference team building. The best of both worlds.

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