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Movie Magic for Unilever

We recently had the pleasure having 200 of the energetic and fun-loving folks from Unilever making their very own Hollywood style blockbusters.

Sabre’s Movie Magic event formula is a proven way of getting the most from the movie making team building format for not only fun but also as a memorable Trojan Horse for important business messages and team development outcomes.

Each team was issued with a massive array of technical equipment, costumes, props, wigs, make-up and also attended specialised workshops on scripting, story boards and camera techniques.

After planning how to integrate key business messages and themes into their story, they were let loose on expansive resort grounds to scout locations that would help bring their allocated genre to life.

The film genre issued to each team within which their message had to be placed ranged from Baywatch and Batman to The Sound of Music and Spaghetti Western.

Suffice to say, it was a colourful event to watch unfold as teams brainstormed story and script content whilst people hilariously transformed into and an amazing variety of characters.

At the designated deadline for their films to be ‘in the can’ teams dispersed to get ready for the evening dinner where an Oscars style award screening and awards ceremony was to be staged.

The room was spectacularly themed with Hollywood icons, statues and banners with colourful table centrepieces to match.

Films were screened to rounds of applause and laughter before the coveted ‘Golden Gnome’ awards were presented for categories such as Best actor, Best Film and special mentions such as Worst Cross Dresser.

The use of movie making as a format for team building can work extremely well, but only when it is well tailored to suit the clients aims, briefed, managed and properly resourced. You won’t get the best results without the proper equipment, training and facilitation throughout the event.

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