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Team Building Sydney with a 'Team DNA'

Sydney continues to be a busy destination for the Sabre team with plenty of clients selecting from both our classic team building and more sophisticated team development portfolios.

We have recently delivered a number of our high-end 'Team DNA' programmes for a wide variety of clients in and around Sydney and surrounding regions (Blue Mountains, Western Sydney, Wollongong etc).

The Team DNA approaches differs from the more ubiquitous classic team building in that it combines behavioural Belbin profiles and reports with interactive workshops and experiential learning, as opposed to activity content alone.

This delivers a powerful impact and rapid understanding for individual and team dynamics as well as practical tools and insights to take back into the workplace.

This is not only a more evidence based form of team building, but also serves as a potent tool for individual, team and leadership development as enhancing business performance is also an aim of any Team DNA.

By creating each Team DNA with the client's business aims and objectives very much in mind, these programmes transcend the usual 'touch-feely' off-site.

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