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Options aplenty for Sydney team building

Team building in Sydney has changed as much as the city itself across the three decades of Sabre’s history.

When we first designed team-based events and activities for clients in Sydney most people associated the delivery of team building events with either The Blue Mountains or The Central Coast. This was due in large measure to options in the late 80’s and early 90’s being heavily associated with the outdoors.

The evolution of experiential learning has brought about a more flexible variety of team building options for indoors as well as those suited to CBD locations and hotel grounds.

As we designed more indoor options and tabletop business games we started to see an increasing amount of clients making use of our services in Sydney CBD Hotels.

As client demand for more flexible team building options grew, so too did the drive to design more options that could work indoors, or at least with a combination of both indoor and outdoor components. This enabled us to respond to a wider range of client briefs.

Popular indoor formats such as our Picture Perfect team painting challenge, or sophisticated business games such as When in Rome and Battlespace give us great scope for using existing meeting space. This not only saves the headache of needing to book extra space, but also fear of bad weather.

Movie Making, Amazing Race and other ‘out and about’ formats also enable good use to be made of city locations.

Client demand for genuine team and leadership development has also driven quality indoor approaches that integrate Belbin Team Role profiles with workshop and activity content. These ‘Team and Leadership DNA’ branded approaches offer far more than just the stereotypical team building session, and deliver truly lasting value.

As for locations in and around Sydney for team building, increasingly company event planners wish to make use of Parramatta and Penrith with teams and head office locations moving West more and more.

Sydney now demands a more versatile teambuilding portfolio than ever given not only the increasing growth of the market, but also changing tastes and the range of locations clients wish to use.

Sabre is well-placed to work anywhere in the Sydney region and beyond with a range of high quality indoor and outdoor Sydney team building solutions.

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