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Charity team building by Sanity for Barnardos in Sydney

Undertaking a charity based team building event is always a great way to leave a truly lasting legacy from any meeting or conference.

For the great folks from Sanity this recently took the form of a Belbin and “Team DNA” session followed up with a “Team Toy Story” challenge in Sydney.

The Belbin and Team DNA session gave individuals and teams powerful insight into their behavioural strengths linked to real business outcomes. Teams were then formed based on those profiles, and briefed for the Team Toy Story challenge.

Each team rotated through a wide variety of point winning team tasks according to their own plan that earned them a budget.

After assembling some flat pack storage units teams then acquired a wide variety of toys from the toy store and at auction to fill their storage units.

Two representatives from the Barnardos children’s charity then arrived to accept the donation of the furniture and toys for their new emergency accommodation centre at Cranebrook. This centre provides accommodation for children and families at risk to help them get back on their feet.

With recent government cuts to their funding, Barbardos need all the help that they can get to provide the wonderful support that they do to underprivileged children and their families.

Thanks to Sanity for making the effort to support this great cause, they are an awesome team of lovely community minded folks!

Please also visit the Barnardos website here to learn more about them, and support their valuable work when you can.

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