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Team Building venues and locations

Since we kicked off in 1988 we have worked in some truly great venues and locations.

In the course of designing and delivering events for conferences and incentives venues and themes are often a major factor.

Novel venues and destinations can enhance the impact of any programme. It enhances the memorability of the event and also helps the messages and themes become anchored to a more positive shared experience. Pictured here is one of our ‘Quest’ challenges being delivered at Warner Brothers Movie World theme park on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Sabre has been fortunate enough to deliver events at hotels, resorts and public spaces in some of the world’s best cities and destinations (e.g. The Bahamas, Hawaii, Sydney, Gold Coast, New York, Rome, Munich, Dubai, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, KL, Cairo, Shanghai and many, many more).

In many cases the event formats can be tailored to suit the chosen venues and destinations with bespoke activity content that reinforces the unique features of the location.

For the structured learning and development end of the spectrum, where pure team and leadership development outcomes are the aim, then novelty and bells and whistles are less of an issue. Having said that, even the most substantive programme can benefit from a pleasant backdrop.

So when planning a meeting or event for any major destination or themed venue (whether purely for fun, or serious learning outcomes) talk to us about tailored approaches that will help get the most from your chosen destination or venue.

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