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PARK THEORY: An emerging and controversial field of science that explores the nature of cosmic pheno

Since Sabre was founded in 1988 we have done our fair share of setting up team building activities in public parks across the world.

Members of the Sabre team with science backgrounds, and those with science fiction habits (especially the Douglas Adams HHGTTG fans) couldn’t help but notice some odd ‘disturbances in the force’ whenever we went set up in a public park.

Strange patterns began to emerge and so we kicked around what has now become firmly established within the experienced Sabre team as “Park Theory”.

In a nutshell Park Theory asserts that:

On 85% of events set up in public spaces, within 30 minutes of arrival for the set up an eccentric older person, often possessing a hat and a distinctive accent of some form (commonly European) will appear as if from nowhere to quiz you on “what is happening here?” Furthermore, some proponents of park Theory estimate that on at least 50-60% of these occurrences both accent and hat are present.

Now when you work with a wide variety of odd team building themes (as we do) some of the props and equipment can naturally attract an understandable degree of attention.

One can of course reasonably expect curiosity from regular park users.

The skeptics within our midst try to dismiss the evidence amassing for Park Theory with an assertion that curiosity and the demographics of typical park users alone can account for these experiences.

However, determined ‘Park Theorists’ assert that there is a higher order of mysterious patterns emerging from the universe when team-building activities are set up in a park. The very nature and frequency of the phenomena defy explanation, and seem to be emanating from the spooky quantum level of existence. One can just sense the waves of potentiality vibrating throughout the fabric of the time and space as soon as our team builders set up in the parks.

Why Europeans? Why the hats? When the park seems totally empty upon arrival, seriously, whence come they?

We may never know, but our earnest research and gathering of data into this emerging field of science will continue on a global basis whenever we set up in any public park.

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