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Team Development for Torres Straight Island Regional Council

Team Building for Torres Straight Island Regional Council

Leaders and Managers from the Torres Straight Island Regional Council gathered for a strategic meeting in Cairns and Sabre was engaged to assist with team development.

Coming from different islands within their region, these leaders were keen to engage in an intelligent activity construct that addressed cross-functional collaboration and communication.

The selected challenge was ‘Picture Perfect’. This is a great team development and team building activity session that effectively draws out team behaviours around cross-functional communication and problem solving.

Small sub-teams need to execute their own allotted canvasses / parts of the overall team project, as well as ensure that they truly fit into the bigger picture. With rules and constraints that mirror real world geographical challenges, each team must network and communicate effectively to overcome these challenges.

Unlike many of the more simplistic team building activity formats, Picture Perfect requires genuine team-based interaction to achieve a united outcome in a real-time project.

Failure to deploy the full spectrum of team behaviours across social, thinking and action will result in less than optimal outcomes for the finished masterpiece.

This team of managers and leaders did a great job of harnessing the diversity of thinking and operating styles within the total team to overcome all challenges and create their masterpiece.

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