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Charity Team Building by 'Painting a Brighter Future'

We have recently had the pleasure of working with a 100 strong multi-national team from Ixia at their global conference.

At their meetings and off-sites Ixia are committed to making meaningful contributions to the local and global community through various charity initiatives.

On this occasion they worked with us to undertake a tailored version of our “Painting a Brighter Future” concept.

This required teams to work cross-functionally to produce a giant charity themed masterpiece, each component of which represents vital contributions to World Vision projects within Australia and around the World.

Items donated by each team through World Vision included Teacher Training, Clean Water projects, Educational Resources, Child Vaccinations, New Mother Hampers, Mosquito Nets, Bikes, Solar Lighting, Seeds and Livestock (goats, chickens, pigs and Llamas).

Teams collaborated, communicated and partnered beautifully to achieve their objectives and acquire the resources to donate to these worthy projects around the world as a lasting legacy from this Ixia conference.

In addition to experiencing a great team activity together a difference can be made to the lives of those in need locally or on a global basis.

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