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Daydream Island team building with a Survivor theme in the beautiful Whitsundays

Daydream Island in the idyllic Whitsundays is certainly a novel location for a conference, and also for a tailored Survivor style team building session.

Sabre recently designed and delivered a three-hour Survivor themed activity session for 120 robust folks from a high-level client who did a sensational job in the tropical heat and humidity.

Water stations and ice-cream breaks helped to alleviate the heat, as after all, it’s a “Survivor theme” and not the genuine article that requires outdoor hardship, suffering and the eating of bugs etc. Activity content was carefull tailored to create the feel of tropical island survival challenges, but not with anything that involved physical discomfort or exertion.

Survivor (the Grand Daddy of all reality game show formats) is still a popular one with some clients, especially those looking for a thematic framework that will suit a tropical island conference destination.

The selected theme was also able to integrate our popular Kon Tiki boat building challenge.

As it was also the season for the dreaded Stinger / Irikandji to be present in open waters we also opted for safe and sheltered pool lagoon complex that the resort has on hand.

The Daydream island resort has a host of facilities as well as some great indoor and outdoor areas for Sabre to deliver team events and programmes.

We look forward to working up there again soon.

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