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Bespoke team building with tailored Picture Perfect images

Our painting / art based team building challenge "Picture Perfect" proves to be increasingly popular with clients around the world.

Small sub teams work on seperate images, and using carefully crafted templates that require quality cross-funtional communication, ultimately create a giant single masterpiece as a united total team.

In addition to having a library of beautiful images that can be used for the event, our designers and artists can also create bespoke / tailored images to suit your company brands, products and people or even a specific destination.

The image featured here was designed for Gold Coast Business Tourism to help promote the Gold Coast as a destination for business tourism / meetings and events to an elite group of Chinese conference planners.

In the last 12 months these team challenge event formats have been designed and delivered for clients in Australia, The USA, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

Picture Perfect is far from just another team building event, it's a wonderful way of getting people networked and producing a lasting and meaningful momento of your event.

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