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Making TVC's and short films for team building is still amongst the top of the charts.

Getting teams to make their own short films or Television commercials is still proving to be a popular and versatile medium for team building at an off-site or a conference.

Sabre has been running our approach “The Agency” for many years, and we still have great success with this format whether it is for pure fun at a meeting, or in tandem with higher-level team and leadership development approaches.

At a superficial level the costumes, make-up and inclusion of the odd “in-joke” provide a surefire set up for laughs and entertainment. When carefully constructed for clients seeking deeper levels of learning or engagement, we can also use tools like the Belbin profiles to draw out valuable insights into team and leadership dynamics.

These formats also provide a nice “Trojan Horse” for key company themes and issues to be creatively included into scripts and storylines.

The end results are also somewhat of a reflection of the prevailing culture of a group as people project not only their individual operating styles into the activity, but also their collective cultural attitudes and norms.

One thing is for sure, we look set to keep running tailored versions of our “The Agency” activity for team building clients for many years to come.

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