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Great summer team building ideas start with Sabre's 'Kon Tiki Challenge'

The arrival of the warmer summer weather often brings with it an increased demand for water-based fun and our famous Kon Tiki boat building challenge.

Conventional boat building that is used for team building events is all too often associated with the old fashioned poles and drums method, but Kon Tiki uses sophisticated naval blueprints and tools to craft truly unique and very seaworthy vessels.

It is a very different activity in its presentation, design and execution to the usual boat building approaches.

This great activity can be conducted at many conference and event venues, indeed anywhere that there is space for teams to build their craft and then embark upon some safe water to race upon.

Sabre has run this activity all over the world and with many different themes (e.g. Pirate, Navy Seal, America’s Cup, Survivor etc).

If substantial learning outcomes are required over and above the inbuilt fun, then there are some genuine team, leadership and cross-functional themes within the planning and execution phases of the challenge to draw upon.

So if you are seeking fun and memorable team building that can take advantage of warm weather and water, then our Kon Tiki Challenge may fit the bill. We have also done them entirely indoors during cold weather, so that’s also an option if you need us in the Northern Hemisphere.

We also have plenty of other great team building ideas for locations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Cairns, Adelaide and of course the sunny Gold Coast.

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