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'CSI - The Death of a Diva' for murder mystery team building with a difference.

For many years now Sabre has seen a wide variety of conference and incentive clients select our unique 'CSI - The Death of a Diva' activity for networking and fun.

Teams are surprised in an hilarious CSI Police raid that seals off the room, security clears the trouble-makers and then briefs them on an elaborate murder scenario.

Each team table is issued with dossiers, case files and special forensic resources with which to conduct their own investigations and crime scene re-enactments. Genuine forensic tools and methodologies add to the impact of the event.

Some cross-functional collaboration is also required to share key information and resources, but at the end of the event, each team is responsible for coming up with the correct information to prosecute the case and answer not just "who-dunnit" but also how, where and why?

A fun team building scenario that can work during a conference or even across a dinner with inbuilt colour and entertainment value.

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