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Battlespace business game for Toyota leadership programme

Sabre has recently delivered a high-end version of our military themed business game / simulation ‘Battlespace’ as part of a Toyota leadership development programme for managers from across Australia.

The tailored Battlespace session was delivered at the Noosa Blue Resort as a component of an intensive multi-day programme.

After a surprise and comedic commando recruiting raid, participants were issued cammo uniforms and briefed on some relevant insights and techniques selected from the military decision-making process.

These tools offer a useful comparative lens for looking at to learn lessons from the military about teamwork, communication and survival in complex and rapidly changing environments.

Teams then played out the three major phases of the complex and demanding game, with all teams managing to successfully capture the major objectives profitably and skillfully.

Battlespace is a highly effective session and activity for business people seeking to hone their teaming, leadership and communication skills. We have delivered this for groups as small as 5, and as large as 500.

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