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Our 'Picture Perfect' challenge brings some style to Team Building in Asia.

The Picture Perfect challenge is a great conference and off-site team building format.

It has been used by Sabre since 1999 for groups large and small (from 5 to 1 500 in fact) to illustrate the power of true cross-functional collaboration, communication and teamwork.

Teams initially commence work on separate canvasses and progressively realise that creating the "bigger picture" will depend heavily upon their ability to quickly see beyond their team to the total team.

Just realising that we are all in this together is only part of the solution.

Individuals and teams must actually follow through with effective communication and collaboration to make sure that many separate canvasses can eventually come together as one large masterpiece.

Sabre runs these all over the world and also delivers them via our network of talented local country partners like Mondo Consulting in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Pictured here is a team from CHR in KL sjowing off a great end result.

Well done guys.

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