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Team Building in Fiji with Sanity

Sabre has just completed another great conference team building event in Fiji, this time for the executive leadership team of the Sanity group.

After what had been a few rainy and stormy days, the weather cleared up beautifully into a clear and sunny Denarau Day at the Sheraton Fiji Resort for the team building sessions.

Each team completed our executive management exercise "Island Hop" to acquire key materials and plans for the major team based projects which was "Kon Tiki".

In the Kon Tiki Boat Building challenge each team must use naval architectural blueprints and designs to create a seaworthy vessel to carry between 2 and 6 crew on a journey or race on the open water (or a nice safe resort lagoon).

The Sanity teams not only embraced the challenge, but built some very sturdy vessels that well and truly kept their brave crews afloat for the final race and brought to life the major conference points of Challenge, Change and Take Action.

So if you are taking your conference to the tropical islands of Fiji and are seeking some memorable team building solutions in Fiji, Sabre would love to be of assistance.

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