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It's been a PNG, Barrier Reef and Fiji Island Hopping August for Sabre

In the midst of our already hectic August schedule of team building and leadership engagements we have also had fun visiting three exotic tropical locations in quick succession.

1 . PNG: Three Day Retreat for the United Nations

A three day team and leadership development retreat for the United Nations was delivered at The Airways Hotel in Port Moresby.

The programme featured Belbin profiles, facilitated sessions and high-end experiential re-enforcement. The UN teams are always fascinating to work with for Sabre as teams are composed of people from so many nationalities and professional vocations. Use of a great tool like the Belbin Model helps us to tap into the common human language of teamwork.

2. Great Barrier Reef: An EQ based team build for Suncorp

Next was a big adventure to the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns with Suncorp.

Teams undertook tailored challenge tasks on the mainland at the Pullman Hotel and then en-route to and upon the massive Quicksilver Pontoon at Norman Reef, which sits atop the Great Barrier Reef National Park. Task and de-brief content was carefully designed to dovetail into EQ insights from keynote speakers and course content.

It was certainly a tough day for the three Sabre facilitators who had to spend their day on the Barrier Reef. We even had some close encounters with Humpack Whales on the way out to the reef which was very cool indeed.

3. Fiji: Team building events for the executive leadership team of Sanity

Another tropical island venue for Sabre this month was The Sheraton Fiji Resort at Denarau Island.

We had the opportunity to deliver some fun team building activities for the executive leadership team of Sanity that were built around our Kon Tiki boat building challenge. In this event, teams use unusual resources and Sabre's naval architectural blueprints to build some very seaworthy vessels.

Just like the intrepid adventurer Thor Hyerdahl's epic journey in the Kon Tiki raft, the Sanity teams proved to be great navigators and seafarers for their own journey in the warm waters of the Pacific.

And so it has been an exciting August for Sabre so far, who knows where will end up next?

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