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Team Building on the beach is still a summer favourite

It's a funny thing, but after all of these years the demand for some of the old fashioned event styles like Beach Olympics still persists.

Some clients are keen to just have some fun, blow off some steam and get out of the four walls of the conference room.

On such occasions when a purely fun event format is required then a series of simple beach games can offer some competitive outlets for teams to experince the joys of an oceanside location.

This is especially the case when it's the beautiful and and easy to use beach locations such as those found on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts in Queensland Australia. Whilst there are also some nice beaches for team building in Sydney and Melbourne, getting the proper permissions to utilise them can be far trickier.

The other major consideration when pondering a beach location is of course the weather.

People naturally plan and book their beach team events with idyllic sunny scenes in mind, but when rain, wind and storms loom on the day it can of course be a very different matter. Summer heat can aslo be a major factor.

Wet weather back-ups are a must, and it's also important during the hotter months to limit beach exposure to two hours at the very most.

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