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Team Building on the Barrier Reef / Green Island with Allianz

Sabre has recently had the pleasure of staging a tailored full day Survivor Challenge at beautiful Green Island on the Barrier Reef for Allianz.

It was a truly sensational location to stage a Survivor themed challenge with Green Turtles and myriad tropical fish and birds moving around right next to our challenge locations.

Very careful liaison was required with both Green Island Resort and National Parks and Wildlife to design and correctly place all challenge tasks to avoid any adverse impacts upon the sensitive marine environment of this unique location.

Teams representing various States competed in a range of specially crafted challenges with placement and points contributing to some teams being dissolved at Tribal Council as the event progressed.

This was a wonderful group of senior level high-achievers who got into the competitive spirit of the event at one of the most exotic locations we have been permitted to work. The composite Qld team prevailed, much to the delight of some local onlookers who were enthusiastically barracking for them.

Our thanks to the very hard working and highly professional folks at Green Island Resort for helping to make this event work, and also to National Parks and Wildlife for allowing the event to be staged on the island.

Anyone spending time here could not help but leave an advocate for the conservation of this great region.

Survivor Team Building Barrier Reef.jpg

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