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Silk Road Traders - An Indoor business game for team building and development

Sabre has designed an exciting indoor business game based on the adventures, colour and perils of the ancient Silk Road.

As a vibrant trade route that joined the worlds of East and West, the Silk Road was travelled by a truly multi-national cast of characters all seeking opportunity, trade and profit. It also had its dangers and pitfalls for the unwary and unprepared.

In the game each team sets out as part of multi-team Caravans that will need to plan their journey for optimal stops at the towns where they can buy and sell goods that have the most value to them. Of course not every team has the same agenda, and this is where the fun really begins.

To navigate the Silk Road successfully means forming lasting relationships and engaging in honourable dealings with an ability to reach compromises with fellow travellers. If compromises cannot be reached there are other means available to get your way, but there is often a price to pay for conflict.

The game involves energetic networking, trading and a few surprises along the way including an exciting camel race at the oasis of Palmyra.

A great game for creating a multi-national and multi-cultural theme, as well as illustrating many key business themes and issues around team roles, relationships, planning, negotiation, exploiting opportunity, profitability, leveraging information and collaborative competition.

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