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2 Day Leadership DNA Programme for Anglicare

Earlier this week Sabre had the pleasure of working with some senior leaders and managers from Anglicare during a two day Leadership DNA programme.

Already an effective leadership team, it was an opportunity for them to further hone their skills and gain valuable insights into one-another's unique operating styles.

We deployed a blend of Belbin profiles and reports with tailored workshops and experiential learning approaches (such as the Picture Perfect project).

Far from being simply a team building event, these two day formats offer far more scope for exploring the strengths of the team and how to better utilise them immediately back at work. Experienced managers and leaders know intuitively the areas of strength and struggle they and their teams possess, but there is enormous benefit in using effective tools to measure the impacts of this and how to better manage these strengths and allowable weaknesses.

The venue was the Capricorn Resort at Yeppoon where the area surrounding the conference centre is filled with local wildlife including Kanagaroos, Brolgas, Goannas, Scrub Turkeys and even one very large and curious Green Tree Snake who strayed into the back of the conference room.


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