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Sustainable Teaming

Sustainable Teaming is the term that Sabre uses to describe highly tailored programmes that can span months and years as opposed to just one-off team building events.

Whilst professionally designed and delivered one-off events can have great impact, the pressures and realities of the real world can quickly water down that impact. After most stand-alone events, people tend to revert to their established patterns of behaviour with little depth of undertstanding around how to improve the dynamics of their team.

A Sustainable Teaming programme sees us undertake extensive pre-event diagnostics followed by a carefully designed launch event for the total team / company group. This event allows us to introduce the concepts, profiling tools and selected models in an engaging and fun environment.

Experiential learning and team challenge projects also enhance this initial event and help to make it memorable.

We use a mixture of total team, sub team and randomly mixed team challenges so that teaming and leadership is explored at individual, sub-team and total team / cultural levels acorss the day.

In the weeks following this session all sub-teams will undertake the targeted "at work" follow through steps commenced at the launch event.

Each sub-team will then in turn undergo tailored off-sites of their own to explore the dynamics of their team in far greater depth. They will also tackle a team challenge that will contribute their team's part in a spectacular finale that will mark a major programme milestone later in the year (and deliver some amazing entertainment that can also underpin the key programme messages).

Further "at work" follow ups are then done internally before we stage another large total team / company event that effectively ties it all together.

The aim of Sustainable Teaming is to equip teams and leaders with the tools, expertise and motivation to drive their own team development for the lifespan of their team.

A great recent example is our work with the total team at Netregistry where we have worked with every section of the company across this spectrum of delivery to great effect.

Stay tuned for detailed case studies of our work with Netregisty and other major clients.

Sustainable Teaming is a Registered Trademark of Sabre Corporate Development.

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