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Team DNA and Leadership DNA

Team and Leadership DNA is all about developing practical insights into what makes teams and leaders tick.

The behavioural strengths and weaknesses that each team member and leader projects in their real world interactions (particularly when under pressure) are what we nickname "Team and Leadership DNA".

Just like biological DNA these insights can be measured and just as instructive for designing strategies to help make the "organism" that is a team far stronger.

Far from being merely simplistic "team building activities" at an off-site, these are carefully crafted programmes. Each tailored programme builds upon detailed diagnostics, individual profiles, team profiles, interactive workshops and targeted experiential learning.

Individuals and teams actually have the opportunity to personalise the insights into their own operating methods and to develop real strategies for maximising their strengths and minimising their weaknesses.

All too often unstated tensions and clashes within teams are not deliberate on the part of those involved, but come down to differences (or inded too much similarity) in operating style that once clealry understood can disarm these tensions.

Team and Leadership DNA is all about applying cutting edge behavioural science and profiles with engaging and interactive sessions and challenges to enhance real world teamwork, leadership and working relationships.

Team DNA and Leadership DNA are Registered Trademarks of Sabre Corporate Development.

This enhances the ability for teams to work together, make decisions and execute on a daily basis.

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