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When in Rome

"When in Rome, do as the Roman's do".

So the saying goes.

Sabre's premium business game / simulation "When in Rome" explores the many leadership, teaming and organisational lessons that are to be found in Roman history.

It does this in a fun, engaging and memorable way via teams donning togas and wreaths before journeying back to 1st century Rome to build their own profitable Empire.

The game is far more sophisticated than the usual conference team building session.

The Roman's excelled not just at taking territory, but more importantly, at consolidating it, absorbing it smoothly into the Empire and then making it profitable for them. Not a bad lesson for many business leaders.

The conrasting leadership styles of a highly effective and transformational leader such as Octavian Augustus, when compared to a more sinister character such as Caligula, provides a rich seam within which to explore the power of vision and personality to influence the longevity of any venture.

The game is loads of fun, with plenty of excitement and opportunties to gain ground, but can a good team not only hold their new territories but also make them profitable for the long-haul?

Furthermore When in Rome enables teams to explore their team and leadership styles and biases via the use of en effective profiling tool such as The Belbin Model.

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