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Team Building for smaller teams - Picture Perfect does the trick.

Smaller teams often feel that some of the more sophisticated team building and development approaches may only work for large groups, and not for their own small department or team.

This is certainly not always the case, as many of our best approaches can actually work just as well for small teams.

Picture Perfect is a great example.

This activity requires small sub-teams to collaborate and communicate to produce a great masterpiece from numerous separate canvasses. This is a highly engaging painting based challenge for a meeting, off-site or leadership retreat.

Whilst this challenge has been delivered for groups as large as 1500, 300 and 250 etc, we have also tailored versions for teams as small as 5, 10 or 15 people. The messages of cross-functional collaboration, communication, focus and seeing the "bigger picture" work just as well.

Teams can select from the many images we already have in stock as templates for this activity, that have great business messages and themes, or have one of our artists produce a tailored image that represents their own unique themes, brands and messages.

See our Art / Painting Team Building page for more information on this great team building activity concept.

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