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On location filming great TV Ads to capture conference content and team building messages.

The last thing that a group of senior Partners from leading accounting firm Moore Stephens thought they'd be doing at their Gold Coast conference was making their own TV Ads and short films.

Sabre's "The Agency" team building concept requires teams to plan, brief and then execute a real time project in the form of producing, starring in and making their very own TV commercials and / or short films.

After a lively introduction the partner group was formed into teams that comprised partners and board members with a mission to create memorable and intelligently scripted films that addressed major business and conference issues and themes.

After numerous technical and skills workshops to acquire task related insights and skills, teams began the process of developing story boards and scripts, then had access to costumes, make-up and of course camera and sound FX equipment.

Once ready to go on location, teams began implementing their creative plans for capturing key business strategies and themes on film.

The luxurious Sheraton Mirage Gold Coast provided some wonderful locations and backdrops for the various themes within which each team chose to interpret their brief.

Once films were "in the can" at the designated deadlines teams awaited the screening and awards ceremony that was to occur at dinner where many, many laughs were had and the prestigious "Golden Gnome" awards were handed out for Best Actors, Costumes and of course "Best Film".

A wonderful end result was produced by some very professional and cohesive teams.

Our "Agency" event is a great format for not just team building, but also leadership development, project management and the creative summation of key conference messages and themes.

A truly fun and memorable experience for a business conference.

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