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Fashion themed team building. Great indoor options!

Fashion Themed Team Building Options

The creative and highly competitive world of fashion offers some great team based challenge themes within which to explore innovation, teamwork, leadership and business success.

They are also loads of fun.

In business, just as in fashion, one minute you can be "IN", and the next, "OUT", if you fail to innovate and exploit opportunities.

We have two featured Fashion themed approaches that work brilliantly at meetings and off-sites. You can not only have some fun, but also highlight important business messages and explore insights into teamwork and leadership.

Fashion Fiasco: Teams become their very own "Fashion Houses" and need to design and manufacture their own range of outfits, select their models then stage a colourful live catwalk show.

Diamonds R 4 Ever: This is a fast paced and engaging business game with an emphasis upon networking and negotiating with profitability in mind. Set in the international jewel trade, teams need to leverage information and exploit opportunties to win.

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